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The importance of a Will while you are alive. WILL YOU?

Will You?

It is a common belief by many that once a
will is done somehow your death will be quickened.

I think I’ll go with the less popular belief to advocate that a will should not be viewed in this light. Death is inevitable and when it comes it is definitely too late for you to have a say on anything which you once had ownership of. According to Dave Ramsey, author of The Total Money Makeover, ‘a will is a gift you leave your family or loved ones. It is a gift because it makes the management of your estate very clear and light-years easier’. So how do you make a will? Start by contacting a good estate attorney.

Recently, my husband and I were having a conversation with an attorney on one particular matter, and incidentally, we asked the cost of having a will done. When he told us the cost of a basic will my eyebrows went up. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I associated having a will done as  something that would cost an arm and/or a leg. Actually, it’s not, so that was one barrier removed.

Whilst reading my daily scripture I came across some chapters which gave confirmation of the importance of having a will. Cyrus, King of Persia was inspired to build a temple. The children of Israel had the responsibility of fulfilling this task. Over time, however, protest against their building of the temple was made by their adversaries. Work on the temple was halted for a time. Eventually, they resumed work and completed the temple. What was instrumental to this achievement was a decree made by King Cyrus with specific instructions on the temple’s building. This decree I liken it to having a will. A written document was done at an earlier time so even though King Cyrus wasn’t present his ‘say’ was upheld by his successors. I firmly believe that’s what a will does. It honors your wishes. It speaks to a person’s moral consciousness and compels them to act accordingly.

Is making a will one of your priorities?

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