What Is Your Body Telling You About Rest? 

Very often our body talks to us, 

And it’s a voice we should learn to trust. 

Because overworking seems to be the norm, 

We ignore that inner voice in order to conform. 

Just like recharging a depleted battery is necessary to its function, 

Our body also needs recharging to avoid possible dysfunction. 

Dysfunction of our body looks like, making a poor decision, 

Or, increasing the risk for depression. 

A heart attack or symptoms of heart disease may arise, 

While the immune system may be compromised. 

Furthermore, there may be trouble with memory, 

As thoughts become a bit muddled or cloudy. 

Lack of rest shows itself not only from within, 

But also display as problems of the skin. 

Acne really makes itself known,

When periods of rest are regularly postponed.

Nevertheless, let’s now shift our focus a slight bit,

As we outline some of the ‘resting’ benefits.

Rest brings with it a burst of inspiration,

An essential, for challenging 90-day situations.

Rest is a path to one’s self discovery,

Here, there is no relying on work as your identity.

Who you are you can confidently state,

Because you’ve taken time to discover qualities that are innate.

Rest further gives more control of body weight,

As more consideration is given to what is put on your plate.

Also mentioned in a University of Chicago study,

With less sleep, participants felt more hungry.

REM sleep stimulates new networks in the brain,

Allowing new information to be attained and retained.

Many depend on alcohol, energy drinks and coffee,

While rest is not given equal or more priority.

However, the value of rest should not be underestimated,

As more disadvantages exist, additionally to what I’ve stated.

I urge each and everyone to listen to that inner voice,

Which tells you to make rest, a consenting choice.

©Copyright 18th September 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved.

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