The Benefits of Keeping
Our Ocean Clean 

Today the ocean was both at the forefront and the backdrop, 

As many participated in the International Coastal Cleanup

At the head of this charge was Ocean Conservancy, 

To keep our oceans both beautiful and healthy. 

Their love for the ocean runs deep truly, 

As thirty plus years they've been carrying out this duty. 

The global challenges to the ocean are many, 

But they've persisted in raising levels of awareness and responsibility. 

An ocean of benefits we are surrounded by, 

But there is a threat to the quality of its supply. 

From quick research for this poem's composition, 

The concerns are for ocean trash, overfishing and ocean acidification. 

Interestingly, after a survey of the collected trash was done, 

Straws and stirrers were high on the list of things found. 

The call to action has been for consumers to Skip the Straw,

So by doing less, we will be doing more.

Remember if we want to enjoy the ocean's benefit,

We've got to consciously uphold our part of it.

Since the ocean produces over fifty percent of the air we breathe,

Shouldn't we aim for the purest quality of the thing which we need?

Additionally, it contributes greatly to climate regulation,

And it is a major route for trade and transportation.

Derived from the sea are key ingredients for life saving medication,

While coral reefs are brave warriors in coastal protection.

The ocean is the host of many types of stress relieving recreation,

Without it many would be in a state of boredom and frustration.

These words serve just as a gentle reminder of our duty,

Through collaborative effort, we can have an ocean that is both beautiful and healthy.

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