Not My Treasured $50 Dollar Bill!

                                It is a habit of mine to be prepared for hunger. Usually I would pack my lunch bag with a little more than enough, however today was an anomaly. After I ate my apple at snack time the pang of hunger persisted and disappointingly I couldn’t quell the feeling because I had failed to pack a little more than enough. For quite a while I have been trying to keep a 50TTD. So far I have been able to evade the efforts to spend it; and today’s occurrence was worthy of being penned just because of how it unfolded. So here it goes…faced with hunger I decided to go to the cafeteria. Once again in my purse/ wallet was the treasured 50TTD bill, three single dollars and my VISA card. I made my way to the cafe intent on getting something to satisfy my hunger but not to lose my 50TTD bill at the same time. I asked the cafe worker if they accepted VISA to which she answered in the negative. Then I spotted a DIXIE cracker on the shelf which I thought was surely worth my $3.00. Negative again. She said it costs $4.00. I told the cafe girl my 50TTD story to which she encouraged my spending of it saying, I could always get it back. “Ha! I don’t think so!” I politely said and walked away making the resolve to have a power mint and drink some water.

                     While making my way back I heard a small voice utter my name. I turned to see the warm, smiling face of Aunty Alice and her daughter. We exchanged greetings and chatted a while. In so doing I told her my cafe dilemma. Then while opening her purse she offered me a pack of DIXEE crackers! I didn’t want to go away with the feeling of depriving her of her only pack of crackers but lo and behold, would you believe, she not only had three packs but three different flavours! And the one she gave me was my favourite-guava. How could I decline this offer? Then she offered me a toolum. Something I haven’t eaten in ages. God bless Aunty Alice for what she did. She was God sent. I pray that she is richly blessed and all provision is made for her and her family. Her act of kindness made my day and allowed me to reflect on my duties as a nurse.

                   As a Nurse in this noble profession the good done is often unrecognised. The reward may not come in the form or fashion we think it should but when instances like these happen I know that I must keep doing the good that I do regardless of the challenges which come.

 “Be a blessing and never a curse, As you take on your calling as a nurse”.                                                                   Excerpt from Poems For You and Your Neighbour- Health Disorders Simplified

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About the Author Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is a proficient nurse writer. She uses her passion for poetry writing, to educate, encourage and empower her readers where there is health is concerned.​ Amanda has published four books :- 1)Poems for You & Your Neighbour- Health Disorders Simplified
 2)Poems for Patients-A Focus on Diabetes 3)The ABCs of Diabetes for Children 4)Children, It’s Time To Meet Your Teeth She is also a songwriter,and mother of two exuberant boys.

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