Life Lesson From A Toddler 

When it’s time to put on a pair of shoes, 

My son gets the opportunity to choose. 

He does this with such eagerness, 

And I often wonder what appeals to his interest. 

Is it the feel of the shoes' texture? 

Or just the attractiveness of its colour? 

Certainly, he’s always very proud of his choice, 

And it’s reflected in the playful singing of his voice. 

In life we all have decisions to make, 

It's a responsibility we should not forsake. 

It will determine the path which we set our feet upon, 

And the footprints left behind when we're long gone. 

Let your decisions lead you to that final place, 

Where you can genuinely embrace, 

The outcomes of your personal choice, 

And hopefully you’ll have a playful singing in your voice. 

© Copyright September 9th 2017 By Amanda Jones. All Rights Reserved

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