Important Facts You Should Know About Earwax 

Here are some very simple facts, 

Which you should know about cerumen, aka, earwax. 

The ceruminous glands produce this secretion, 

Which gives the ear a measure of protection. 

Into the ear canal dust or an insect may try to enter, 

However, the presence of earwax puts a stop to its venture. 

The ear self cleans, and this is quite normal, 

But it can build up, thus narrowing the canal. 

Unskilled attempts at removal may cause it to become impacted, 

As it is pushed deeper into the ear, instead of being extracted. 

Impacted earwax is a problem that requires attention, 

Since it can result in some of the symptoms undermentioned. 

Ear pain or a feeling of fullness,

Ringing in the ear, also known as tinnitus.

It may trigger the onset of coughing,

Or, the individual may complain of ear itching.

More commonly experienced is hearing loss,

As sound waves are not permitted to travel its course.

Hardened earwax requires the use of a softener,

Obtained by prescription or just over the counter.

Gentle irrigation is done by a trained professional,

To clear any occlusion from the ear's canal.

After removal of earwax from the canal and tympanic membrane,

Fortunately, the sense of hearing can be regained.

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