Day 3 of 90: Back to School

Today marks the end of our children's summer vacation, 
As tomorrow starts a new term of school education. 
I do hope as parents we've all made the necessary preparation, 

To ensure our children have a smooth transition. 

This can be a time of great excitement or fear, 

As some are going to smile, while others may shed a tear. 
Honestly, right now I do have mixed emotions, 

Because my three year old and I have to face that separation.  

Kindergarten will be his new environment,  
But I'm positive we can both make the required adjustment.  
As good parents let's continue to give our children reassurance,  
And with their teachers we should make an acquaintance. 

 Also let's keep open the lines of communication,
To stay abreast of any developing situation.
Most importantly we should cover our children with prayer, 
So that their time away is spent in safe and reliable care.

It has been said to raise a child takes a whole village,
So let's all do our best to nurture children of confidence and courage.

Copyright © September 3rd 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved

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