How To Make Christmas Count 

Many people are dreading Christmas this year, 

Saying it’s a recession and there can be no good cheer. 

But if we do remember the true reason for the celebration, 

We can still be jolly, recession or no recession. 

This is a time when we remember our Saviour's birth, 

As He was a gift sent from heaven to us here on earth. 

His life, death and resurrection is there for us to see, 

That there are far greater struggles than the state of the economy. 

Christmas has become so heavily commercialized, 

That its true significance has been sadly compromised. 

It comes down to an individual choice in the end, 

To succumb to or withstand the call of spend, spend, spend. 

Instead find resourceful ways of cutting back or placing a limit,

With thoughtful gifts that demonstrate the true Christmas spirit.

Remember I said it cannot be bought or sold,

But it comes from the heart over which you have control.

I dare say this recession may just be a blessing in disguise,

For us to analyze, realize and strategize,

A different way forward for us to celebrate,

With a renewed mind and rekindled faith.

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