Clinic corridor

The Story

One morning I got an unexpected overseas call from my friend, Alicia. She asked if I could visit her father in law, who was admitted to the hospital at which I worked. She told me that his admission was due to a cut under his foot but that her concern is due to the fact that he's diabetec. During my lunch break I walked across to that department. As I entered the ward I was reminded of the effects of uncontrolled diabetes. When I saw Mr. Cox my heart cried out.

The Problem:

At the time of me writing this Mr. Cox is no longer alive. He lossed his leg the same year and spent the remaining years having to depend on family, a wheel chair and or crutches to move around. 

The Solution:


 Education: I utilise my Rhyming Method to simplify diabetes and other health related topics for both children and adults.

Encouragement: Each piece that I write succeeds either a personal or professional life event sprinkled with inspiration.

Empowerment: I believe that through education and encouragement you will be empowered to make informed decsions. 

The Rhyming Method 

One Friday I went to visit my friend’s Dad,
He was warded at the hospital for an injury, which he had. When I first heard he was on ward six*,
My immediate concern was whether he was diabetic.
More times than less, here patients are admitted,
When uncontrolled diabetes has not been arrested.

The threat which diabetes posed was so evident,
As I stood in the open ward viewing its residents.
Diabetes showed no mercy for age, creed or colour,
Since disregard to caution placed the odds in its favor.
I say fervidly, that these complications can only exist,
When uncontrolled diabetes is allowed to persist.

Poor healing wounds lay hidden under dressings,
While an amputation leaves more than a limb missing.
For some a cloud of depression casually sets in,
While others just try to bear that phantom pain. Uncontrolled diabetes places you at a loss and not a gain, So from its hold please...please refrain!

The call for action stirred feelings deep within,
From that moment in which I went to visit him.
There is a definite need for support systems,
Which can create healthy coping mechanisms.
So for my friend’s Dad and others that I encounter,
The words I speak should be to EDUCATE, ENCOURAGE


My Recommended Resources


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Diabetes, Hypertension, Glaucoma, Cataract and also the pre-requisites for being a nurse are covered in this most memorable, ingenious rhyming format. 


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The ABCs of Diabetes for Children

Every child should LEARN about Diabetes!!! 

Rhymes are used for the child's benefit. Studies have shown that rhymes promote the recalling of facts as listening / repeating rhymes develop our memorizing skill. It is easier to apply information you remember. Lower the risk of diabetes in children through education.


Using The
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