Glaucoma-The Silent Thief of Sight

Glaucoma won a battle on Wednesday 28th October, 2015. That was the day on which my grandfather passed away, may his soul rest in peace.

He was described as the strongest man in the village where he lived. He did a day’s work in way less than the allotted time. He was a father of fourteen children. He indeed was a man of great build and stature. That silent thief of sight stole way more as I have come to realize. Along with his eyesight, glaucoma also took this man’s will to live. The once independent and industrious man was reduced to a mundane life where he could no longer function as in days gone by.

His latter days are a painful reminder to us of the far-reaching effects of untreated glaucoma. It is a hereditary condition, as evidenced by his sisters, and some of his children being affected. Creating an awareness of Glaucoma is an ideal which I hold close to my heart since it looms over my family tree. Glaucoma can only progress if we allow it to. So let’s get our eyes tested by an Ophthalmologist. Once he determines that there are no signs of glaucoma, but you do have a family history, having your eyes tested at least once a year can only be in your best interest.

 “Please note any damage done is irreversible,
 And any eyesight lost is irreplaceable”.

                                                     In loving memory of Casimie John.

Excerpt from Poems For You and Your Neighbour- Health Disorders Simplified

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Amanda Jones is a proficient nurse writer. She uses her passion for poetry writing, to educate, encourage and empower her readers where there is health is concerned.​ Amanda has published four books :- 1)Poems for You & Your Neighbour- Health Disorders Simplified
 2)Poems for Patients-A Focus on Diabetes 3)The ABCs of Diabetes for Children 4)Children, It’s Time To Meet Your Teeth She is also a songwriter,and mother of two exuberant boys.

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