Financial Peace Is Not An Illusion ~ Do A Budget 

Today is Friday fifteenth of September, 

And that puts us smack at the center. 

Two weeks to go until the month’s end, 

More month than money, nothing left to spend. 

Wouldn’t you like this story to have a different outcome? 

Where expenses don’t exceed your income? 

It’s a fact we’re living within a tough economy, 

And we need some measure of financial security. 

How about you start, if you haven’t, by doing a B-U-D-G-E-T, 

Yes I said it, make a plan for your money. 

To many, a budget is equivalent to a curse word, 

Who dear suggest something so absurd? 

However, overtime, when you balance income and expense, 

You’ll realize that a budget does make a lot of sense. 

Instead of drifting through life aimlessly,

It keeps you on a progressive path of slow and steady.

You won’t be wondering where you’re money all went,

Because you were tracking every dollar and cent.

A budget keeps you in check with reality,

As you give the needs and not the wants, your priority.

Trust me cold hard cash buys stuff way better,

So please don’t let your credit card become your master.

While we’re young we should maximize our financial moments,

With the aim of securing a comfortable retirement.

A budget helps you keep the end in mind,

Thus minimizing wastage of your money and time.

Financial issues can make you physically and mentally ill,

And then that illness is added to your growing bill.

Doing a budget may seem like going against the norm,

But you’ll find peace after that raging storm.

Financial peace and wellness is not an illusion,

However, it can only be activated with your decision.

©Copyright 15th September 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved.

©Copyright 15th September 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved.

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