Festivity & Food:
Ingredients for Happiness 

“A friendly people who love to have fun” 

Are the words used for our national character’s description.  

Also, on the World Happiness Index we’ve been given recognition,

As one of the happiest countries within the Caribbean region. 

Many would like to know, how we’ve gained that spot? 

Simply put, we're a by-product of a rich melting pot. 

Some detractors dare say we have a Carnival mentality, 

Too many holidays, too much of festivity! 

However, surely what drives our engine of productivity, 

Are these month to month celebration of diversity. 

They ensure that we’re not overworked or stressed, 

Keeping us refreshed, vibrant and appreciative of being so blessed. 

Our yearly calendar is a printed reminder of the spectrum, 

From which our national life builds momentum. 

On our festivities foreigners confess to keeping a score, 

And it's evidenced by their timely visits to our shore.

National holidays and festivals observed all year round,

Keeps us smiling, as this is where happiness abounds.

Good food definitely equals a good mood,

And we’ve got cuisine to influence anyone’s attitude.

Through our country’s rich history we’ve inherited the birthright,

Of mouthwatering recipes that could whet any appetite.

When it’s time to create a meal it’s done with a sweet hand,

And you know it’s good when another serving is in demand.

Flavorful ingredients combine to give your tastebuds pleasure,

A feeling you will definitely want to treasure.

Those who are challenged to naturally create this sensation,

May rely on the Naparima Girls or Wendy Rahamut’s instruction.

Food definitely influences our state of happiness,

And we’re confident that we’ve got the best of the best.

It has been said a hungry man is an angry man,

So when it comes to food we have a wide span.

The World Happiness Index confirms what we already know,

About our sweet islands, Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinbago’s culinary experience, both locals and foreigners have found,

Is a trigger for smiles, and this is where happiness abounds.

© Copyright © September 11th 2017 By Amanda Jones. All Rights Reserved

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