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Eyes on Diabetes by Amanda Jones

Eyes on Diabetes-

World Diabetes Day is soon approaching again. November 14th, the day after the thirteenth, the day before the 15th, you can’t miss it. This year’s theme is ‘Eyes on Diabetes’. The focus will be on promoting the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications.

Statistics on the International Diabetes Federation’s website are given concerning the far and wide effects of Diabetes. I encourage you to peruse the site if you haven’t done so already. One such statistic as it relates to this year’s theme is Of the 415 million adults worldwide living with Diabetes in 2015, over one third will develop some form of Diabetic Retinopathy-a complication of Diabetes that can lead to vision impairment and blindness’.

This statistic is quite alarming as it makes a bold statement about the realness of Diabetes – its past achievement, its present existence and the scope of its future, if left unattended. The complication of Diabetic Retinopathy has forced us to give it attention as it has been recognized as one of the major causes of preventable blindness. This type of blindness implies that if proactive measures are taken, the outcome(blindness) can be averted. With this implication being foremost in our minds the significance of the theme ‘Eye on Diabetes’ cannot be overstated. So the question is, whose eyes are on Diabetes? I think more can be seen, more can be figured out and more can be achieved if it’s done as a collective effort. So patients and stakeholders, let’s all cast our Eyes on Diabetes and join our hands in this fight.

Diabetes! We got our eyes on you!!!

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About the Author Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is a proficient nurse writer. She uses her passion for poetry writing, to educate, encourage and empower her readers where there is health is concerned.​ Amanda has published four books :- 1)Poems for You & Your Neighbour- Health Disorders Simplified
 2)Poems for Patients-A Focus on Diabetes 3)The ABCs of Diabetes for Children 4)Children, It’s Time To Meet Your Teeth She is also a songwriter,and mother of two exuberant boys.

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