A child reluctantly brushing his teeth

The Story

Getting my seven year old to brush his teeth and to brush it well was a continuous challenge which haunted our morning routine.  How could something so simple prove to be so challenging? Furthermore, I also thought this challenge was unique to me. Just when I was running out of ideas to show my son how necessary brushing his teeth was, a conversation happened!

The Problem:

It was a conversation in a women’s group which led to the discovery that other mothers had this ‘teeth-brushing’ struggle with their children as well. Wow! What an eye opener for me! Not only did I need a solution, but other mothers as well. Our children needed to know the importance of brushing their teeth, especially in these formative years.

The Solution:


The rhyming method has been successful in simplifying complex information for my patients in the past. I resolved, it was time to put on my writing cape for this mission which I believed was possible. My son, as well as other kids required an intimate introduction to their teeth.  They needed to be educated, encouraged and empowered. So came, 'Children It's Time To Meet Your Teeth'.

The Rhyming Method

Chapter 1 of 6

Hello, My name is Incisor also called your “front middle teeth”.
There are other canines and molars which you will later meet.
I usually appear first, around 6-10 months of age,
Then the others come out to give your mouth full coverage.
If you are wondering just how many?
I’ll tell you, in total, there are twenty.
As baby teeth we first start, then later fall out,
To make room for the permanent teeth within your mouth.
Around age six that’s when this change is due,
And when it’s complete in total, you should have thirty-two.

Chapter 2 of 6
Each tooth has an important duty
But altogether, we show when you are happy.
When you wear that smile, we are highlighted,
So taking care of us should get you excited.
We also help you to form your words properly,
So when you speak, you do so quite clearly.
We also have the important role,
Of biting and chewing food to be swallowed.

Without them your smile may not be as bright,
Your words may not sound right and your food you may not be able to bite
Chapter 3 of 6
We have different shapes and different names,
To do different jobs which give us our fame.
Incisors like me are for cutting,
While the canines have the job of tearing.
Molars and pre-molars grind up your food, 

Small enough to swallow after it has been chewed.
Here I will show you pictures of us,
So that you and your friends can discuss.

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Children It's Time To Meet Your Teeth

Want your children to brush their teeth? Here is how...

CHILDREN, ITS TIME TO MEET YOUR TEETH is made up of 7 IN-DEPTH educational chapters:-

1.Meet Your Teeth

2.What We Do

3.Different Shape, Different Job

4.Different Parts of Your Tooth

5.What Can Happen To Us

6.Habits for a Brighter Smile

7.Crossword Puzzle/Word Search


Using The
Rhyming Method

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