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Day 4 of 90: Back to school part two

Back to school Part two

Day 4 of 90 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Day 4 of 90: Back to School- Part 2Today I bring to you,Back to school, part two.When I switched on the lights this morning,From my children’s room there wasn’t the usual movement, or stirring.Five thirty AM is their usual time of awaking,Without an alarm or any parental prodding.Seems […]

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Day 3 of 90:Back to School for the children

Back to school

Day 3 of 90 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Day 3 of 90: Back to School​Today marks the end of our children’s summer vacation,​As tomorrow starts a new term of school education.I do hope as parents we’ve all made the necessary preparation,​To ensure our children have a smooth transition.This can be a time of great excitement […]

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Day 2 of 90: Inspired by a spontaneous Act of Service

Act of Service

Day 2 of 90 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Day 2 of 90:Inspired by a spontaneous Act of ServiceBreakfast is indeed an important meal of the day,Especially at our house, I must say.Engel and the children always eagerly await,That first meal laid upon their plate.This morning however we all woke up late.So time given to making […]

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Day 1 of 90: Inspired by the workbook “Your Own Unique Real Self” by Engel Jones

Your Own Unique Real Self

Today is the1st of September,A day I will always remember.Here I start a 90 days journey,Of writing one poem daily.Once before I was inspired by Jean Kay,I tried, but I did not make it all the way.Now I’m back with a 90 day goal,With great excitement to see how it will unfold.This here is not […]

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