World Diabetes Day is soon approaching again. November 14th, the day after the thirteenth, the day before the 15th, you can’t miss it. This year’s theme is ‘Eye on Diabetes’.

The focus will be on promoting the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications.

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"It is a common belief by many that once a will is done somehow your death will be quickened"

I think I’ll go with the less popular belief to advocate that a will should not be viewed in this light. Death is inevitable and when it comes it is definitely too late for you to have a say on anything which you once had ownership of.

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Hi, Today I deviate a bit from the way my blogs are usually presented. Over fifteen years ago, my then boyfriend, now husband, could not understand why I was so indifferent to the Valentine’s Day frenzy which a lot of couples usually experience when this time of
the year comes around.

Over the passage of time he has come to understand and appreciate my outlook as expressed in "Valentines Day Highly Overrated?"

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It was a Thursday evening on which I went to the ice cream shop to reward myself for a week of consistent exercise. I extended courtesies to the few customers waiting in line. There was an aged gentleman standing ahead of me who looked at me and immediately asked, “Are you from Moruga?”

With a puzzled look I said, “No Uncle” (said with utmost respect). To which he responded most assuredly, “I know you from somewhere”.“I can’t say from where,” but as soon as the words escaped my mouth, I started to think that his face did bare some familiarity.

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It’s been a little while since I last posted a blog. A lot has happened since. The Christmas holiday was quietly spent with family.

No major hustle or bustle. The year’s end came with its usual period of reflection and planning for 2016. So what’s in store? Let me first start by filling a gap.

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Heart Attack vs Eye Test

“Our life is the sum total of all the decisions we make every day, and those decisions are determined by our priorities”- Myles Munroe.

I have always loved this quote for the simple yet profound fact of how it forced me to see how instrumental I am in the way my life is shaped. The things I hold as important needs to be reaffirmed on a daily basis so that not only I could see its value but also others. I know for a fact if you don’t have priorities in your life other people often try to do it for you and this almost always ends in an unhappy situation.

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I would like to share a recording from the night of my book launch at Naparima Bowl on October 10th 2015. The book, “Poems For You and Your Neighbour- Health Disorders Simplified” which comprises of 12 poems was dramatised by SpliNters For Education and Performance.

They brought to life my words by combining real life situations with truths. Hope you are eDUCATED, eNCOURAGED & eMPOWERED.

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Vacancy: Nurse Wanted

In my book, Poems For You and Your Neighbour- Health Disorders Simplified, Poem I is entitled VACANCY: Nurse Wanted.

This poem was written after reading an article entitled, “Qualities of a good nurse”. 

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Glaucoma - The Silent Thief of Sight

Glaucoma won a battle on Wednesday 28th October, 2015. That was the day on which my grandfather passed away, may his soul rest in peace.

He was described as the strongest man in the village where he lived. He did a day’s work in way less than the allotted time. He was a father of fourteen children. He indeed was a man of great build and stature.

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Not My Treasured $50 Dollar Bill!

It is a habit of mine to be prepared for hunger. Usually I would pack my lunch bag with a little more than enough, however today was an anomaly.

After I ate my apple at snack time the pang of hunger persisted and disappointingly I couldn’t quell the feeling because I had failed to pack a little more than enough.

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That F-Word

In my younger days, before the addition of a husband and children, I had always been considered a slender person.

I had always been active. Whether intentional or as part of my daily routine, there was always some measure of fitness in my life back then.I have also never seen myself as fat.

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