Day 66 of 90:Counting the stars with my stars


Day 66 of 90 – Counting the stars with my starsYesterday as the day turned into night,We positioned ourselves to count each star.Slowly they peeped out into our sight,So close to us, yet still so far.The boys got to practice their counting skill,As one by one the numbers grew.This activity definitely gave them a thrill,Evidenced […]

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Day 65 of 90:Haiku as a Hack by Amanda Jones


Day 65 of 90 – Haiku as a hackIn the car we went,Twas a day that was well spent.Now we are content.©Copyright 4th November 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved.In the car we went,Twas a day that was well spent.Now we are content.©Copyright 4th November 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved. Today I […]

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Day 64 of 90:Family Night by Amanda Jones


Day 64 of 90 – Family NightIt’s Friday night, our family night,And I was thinking of what to write.We ate our dinner, then it was time for a movie,What was tonight’s feature going to be?Pirates of the Caribbean is what we settled on,And in two blinks of an eye, into sleep I was gone.Of the […]

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Day 63 of 90:November: Diabetes Awareness Month


Day 63 of 90 – November: Diabetes Awareness MonthThirty days in the month of November,And the campaign has started to make us remember,That diabetes will continue to take its toll,When over its self-management, there is no control.This month calls all stakeholders to join in unity,To offer support to the global diabetes community.The battle diabetics fight […]

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Day 62 of 90:The Driving Regulations are still the same


Day 62 of 90 – The Driving Regulations remain the samePassing a driving test is just one part of the process,On the road to developing driving skill prowess.The real testing comes on your daily drive,As to your destination you safely arrive.Where there is a flashing amber traffic light at an intersection ahead,Instead of slowing down […]

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Day 61 of 90:Simple Life Hacks by Amanda Jones

life hacks

Day 61 of 90 – Simple Life HacksWhen you hear the word hack,You may think of some sort of an attack.However the term life hack refers to increased productivity or efficiency,Gained through the use of some shortcut or method which has novelty.A few low budget tricks I’ll share with you,Which are meant to make life […]

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Day 60 of 90: Determination by Amanda Jones


Day 60 of 90 – DeterminationA journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step,But bear in mind your feet can get tired whether or not you have prepped.So what ushers you to continue on to your chosen path of action,Just when failure is hanging around ready to assume the caption.This is where you […]

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Day 59 of 90: The L.O.C. Method


Day 59 of 90 – The L.O.C. Method​ Yesterday my boy’s hair was taken care of, Now today I had to show mine a bit of love. Long or short my hair behaves the same, After washing, it is quite challenging to tame. This mane requires immediate attention, For tangles and dryness elimination. After washing, moisturizing is an essential part of hair […]

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Day 58 of 90: The Cut Shop by Amanda Jones


Day 58 of 90 – The Cut ShopClip, snip, trim, cut,Guess where we were?Yes, at the barber’s we made a stop,To be specific we were at The Cut Shop.Jahaziel took his trim first to start,And he requested a side part.Engel followed, then Amaziah, which is usually the norm,It’s amazing how a haircut can transform.There I […]

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Day 57 of 90: Diabetes Fact or Fiction for children

Day 57 of 90 – Diabetes Fact or Fiction for childrenAchoo, achoo is the sound I make when I sneeze,Is this a way someone can get Diabetes?Diabetes is not like the common cold or flu,If someone says it is, tell them it’s not true.Sometimes my friend’s hand I may touch,Can I get Diabetes from doing […]

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