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The Christmas Spirit Comes from The Heart

The Christmas Spirit Comes from The Heart 

Today I solemnly do declare, 

That it’s the most wonderful time of the year. 

Yesterday we planted our evergreen Christmas tree, 

And it looked just as beautiful as I envisioned it to be. 

Today the Christmas spirit was present I am certain, 

As Engel completed putting up my new set of curtains. 

Just for me he dedicated the time to get it done,

He definitely got a high score on this one. 

At home is where charity should begin, 

And I’m happy that I can experience and write about such things. 

The Christmas spirit cannot be bought or sold, 

But it comes from our heart over which we have control.
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Thanksgiving: An Attitude Of Gratitude

Thanksgiving: An Attitude Of Gratitude

An Attitude Of Gratitude 

Today my friends abroad are celebrating thanksgiving, 

It’s a time of expressing gratitude for our very living. 

With a fast pace we often go through our year, 

Sometimes forgetting to stop and appreciate why we are here. 

Both for the small and big things we should show appreciation, 

Especially to the source, to the one responsible for our creation. 

An attitude of gratitude surely makes life better, 

And it is pronounced when family and friends come together. 

Thanksgiving day generates a visible reminder to explore, 

The different aspects of life which we should be grateful for. 

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone, 

May your thankfulness show not only in words but also in action. 

Copyright 22nd November 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved.

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How To Make Christmas Count

How To Make Christmas Count

How To Make Christmas Count 

Many people are dreading Christmas this year, 

Saying it’s a recession and there can be no good cheer. 

But if we do remember the true reason for the celebration, 

We can still be jolly, recession or no recession. 

This is a time when we remember our Saviour's birth, 

As He was a gift sent from heaven to us here on earth. 

His life, death and resurrection is there for us to see, 

That there are far greater struggles than the state of the economy. 

Christmas has become so heavily commercialized, 

That its true significance has been sadly compromised. 

It comes down to an individual choice in the end, 

To succumb to or withstand the call of spend, spend, spend. 

Instead find resourceful ways of cutting back or placing a limit,

With thoughtful gifts that demonstrate the true Christmas spirit.

Remember I said it cannot be bought or sold,

But it comes from the heart over which you have control.

I dare say this recession may just be a blessing in disguise,

For us to analyze, realize and strategize,

A different way forward for us to celebrate,

With a renewed mind and rekindled faith.

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The Gift of a Present Father
Biblical, Family

The Gift of A Father’s Love

The Gift of A Father's Love 

There is something special about a father's love, 
Almost like a representation of God above. 
It gives a feeling of protection, 
And also a sense of direction. 

There's an open line of communication, 
For heart to heart moments of expression. 
And I value the words of commendation, 
When my father says, 'My daughter, well done'. 

No, it's not Father's Day, just the 27th of November, 
However I would like to give tribute and honor, 
For the undertaking of your role, 
In which you invested your heart and soul. 

It's an important part you play,
Without ceasing, from day to day.
So many have chosen to be absent,
But like roll call, you're always present.

Your dedication always show true,
By the things that you do,
And by the things that you say,
Showing you care, from day to day.

I'll try to equal his always being there,
With love and appreciation, every God-given day of the year.
Also bring him good cheer,
Long after the last grey of his hair.

I'll treat him like a find, so rare,
Because in my heart he is dear and no other can compare.
I say thanks to my Father in heaven,
For blessing me with a true father here on earth.

And it is my hope, that all would pay attention,
To the role of fatherhood and what it's worth.

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Once upon a time, over Trinidad and Tobago, the Queen of England ruled,

And the ways and the customs of the British we were schooled.

However, fourteen years after independence was granted to us,

It was decided that we should have Republican status.

This meant, to the queen, citizens would no longer have allegiance,

As we would have our own elected heads of state to execute governance.

The 1976 Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Act changed our political landscape,

As a new Constitution for our country was shaped.

August 1st of 1976 was the official date,

On which Trinidad and Tobago became a Republican state.

However September 24th is the day we are celebrating,

Since it marked the first Constitutional Parliamentary meeting.

When we completely relinquished the hold of the Union Jack,

We embraced the colors of red, white and black.

The symbolism of these colors every citizen should know,

And further serve as a guide, as in our behavior and attitude they show.

We must remember that along with rights comes responsibility,

And it is up to us to uphold our civic duty.

For when we contribute to nation building, positively,

It is our hope that our nation’s story will have an ever after that is truly happy.

Day 23 of 90

Yerette : Home of the Hummingbird

If you haven’t visited a hummingbird haven as yet,

You should visit, Home of the Hummingbird, Yerette.

Nestled in the Northern Range of our country,

This feature lies in the lush Maracas valley.

While it is the host for endless hummingbird action,

It has become a leading tourist attraction.

Nature lovers and bird watchers alike,

Come to this place, where they know their luck will strike.

The experience of it all is truly magical,

As you get a view that is up close and personal.

These birds live their lives in the fast lane,

So your photography skills have to be off the chain.

There are some candid moments when they pause to feed,

Then they're off again with the same or even more speed.

About hummingbirds, a bit more you will come to know,

As experience and knowledge are shared by Mr. Theo.

To be a part of this scenic enjoyment,

You have to plan ahead and make an appointment.

By doing so, Mr. Theo and his team will be prepared,

To make your visit a pleasant memory to be shared.

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An Ode To My Writing Pad


Oh writing pad, oh writing pad,

I apologize if I made you sad.

Yesterday I did a 'live' reading from my phone,

And I left you on the table all alone.

You are the one with whom I exchange my thoughts,

And compositions, like this, we often bring forth.

Yesterday my phone did let me down,

As while reading, it started to fool around.

I know technical difficulties occur and it could have been worse,

But just to recover I had to re-read the second verse

Unlike you, it was not a real trooper,

Now day 20 has a recorded, live blooper.

Nevertheless, you've shared a lot of time with my pencil and pen,

And I know on you I can always depend.

Your benefits have been written about in the Huffington Post,

I'll remember them all and on you, I will never coast.

I should not have forsaken you for that phone,

As true faithfulness, you have always shown.


©Copyright 20th September 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved.


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Trinidad and Tobago are two islands of one nation,

A beautiful place to live, or have an idyllic vacation.

Its shores are caressed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean,

Just off the northeast coast of Venezuela, you’ll find its location.

Multicultural and multiethnic is the description of our population.

Attributes derived from the Arawaks and Carib’s early inhabitation,

Christopher Columbus’ Spanish voyage of exploration,

Various territorial raids by other European nations,

The African slave trade which ended in Emancipation,

And the coming of Portuguese, Chinese and East Indian laborers to work the plantation.


Trinidad and Tobago has truly inherited a rich historical legacy,

Which stands as the backdrop for our cultural diversity.

Though differences exist we strive in harmony,

And when difficulties arise we face them in unity.

Each culture has its own unique thread of identity,

Which creates the colorful and beautiful fabric of our society.

Our twin island is a pie of which many would love a slice.

As its ingredients are made up of lots of sugar and spice.

Only we as a people can maintain its ability to entice,

And ensure that we’re not living in a fool’s paradise.



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The La Brea Pitch Lake

In this British adventurer’s quest to find El Dorado, the city of gold,

He, Sir Walter Raleigh, rediscovered what is called the 8th wonder of the world.

The early Amerindians believed it was God’s penalty,

For eating humming birds which were treated sacredly.

Covering about 109 acres of what may look like a massive car park,

Is the world’s largest, natural, asphalt-deposit, landmark.

On the southwestern coast of Trinidad, is where this wonder lay,

To be exact, it is located in the town of La Brea.

As a child, I once visited this amazing place,

And I can clearly remember the hissing and gurgling sound as we walked on its surface.

The small formation of pools were for bathing enjoyment,

While it’s rumored to be a cure for all sorts of ailment.

A guided tour should be done for information and safety,

Mainly to avoid the mishap of becoming the infamous ‘tar baby’.

This tourist attraction hosts 20,000 visitors annually,

As it is a true source of amazement and mystery.

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