Praying Hands on a Bible

The Story

I follow the life of Jesus with an active pursuit of reading and highlighting stories in the bible. The more I read and learn is the more I want to share with my children. There are so many different stories in the bible to capture and learn from. 

The Problem:

The attention span of a 3 year and 5 year old child doesn't work tremendously well with the way stories are written in the bible, for my children. They love colourful illustrations and pictures when they are reading. 

The Solution:


Using my Rhyming Method I decided to re-create these stories in a format that they would appreciate. The Rhyming Bible Bubble Series was born out of a vision to increase moral awareness in children. Through interactive biblical learning my mission is to encourage values that build good character.


Rhyming Bible Bubbles - The Creation Story 

The Creation story is the first book of the Rhyming Bible Bubbles children's series. This well known bible story is presented with: 
1) Beautiful illustrations 

2) Rhymes to engage both children and their parents  

3) Activity pages add to fun and interactive learning


Rhyming Bible Bubbles: Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark offers Interactive Biblical Learning through :-
1)Colourful Illustrations
2)Simple rhyming sentences
3)Reader friendly structure 

4)Popular/relatable story
5)Read-with-me sized
6)Lightweight-Easy to carry around
7)Fun learning activity section


Rhyming Bible Bubbles: Moses - The Journey to Freedom

Moses: The epic journey to freedom, is designed to give your children a FUN introduction to this popular Old Testament story.

This is an adventurous story which I remember being read to me as a child. As interesting as it was to listen then, I thought it would be even more delightful if the stories were to rhyme in the same manner as Nursery Rhymes do. My children love it!


Rhyming Bible Bubbles - David vs Goliath: Bring it On

This heroic story from the Old Testament is written to encourage your children to have faith in their capabilities even when they are faced with challenging situations.


Using The
Rhyming Method

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