A Mother's love laid on a breakfast plate

Breakfast is indeed an important meal of the day,
Especially at our house, I must say.
Engel and the children always eagerly await,
That first meal laid upon their plate.

This morning however we all woke up late.
So time given to making breakfast I could not dedicate.
It was necessary for me to go to the grocery,
So my guys all decided to accompany me. 

Engel said in the car was where he’ll be staying,
Because he needed to catch up on some reading.
Amaziah, my 3 year old, went along to assist,
And that’s how things sometimes get added to my list.

As we came to the last lane he said ‘Mommy there's the bread’
Honestly this wasn’t an item on my list or a thought in my head.
I guess he was thinking ahead of his breakfast,
But little did we know of the surprise awaiting us.

Engel’s mom apparently called with a message,
To let us know she made fried bake and spinach.
Hearing that was synonymous to a good exam report,
Lord knows buying bread was a last resort.

Engel described it as manna from up above,
But this was one way Casandra shows her love.
A spontaneous act of service which we both commend,
And not just because we were on the receiving end.

Instances like these I’m sure many can relate,
Serve as reminders to love and appreciate.
Many life lessons can be caught rather than taught,
And along with our breakfast this is what Casandra brought.

Love in action is what we seek to emulate,
As it is the overarching theme of our faith.

Copyright © September 3rd 2017 by Amanda Jones. All rights reserved

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