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Day 73 of 90: #DearDiabetes Homewrecker Defined


Day 73 of 90 – #DearDiabetes: Homewrecker Defined Uncontrolled Diabetes, today in your honor, I expand the meaning of what it means to be a homewrecker. The term is usually used in the context of an extramarital affair, But your complications can produce just as much despair. When you’re present you challenge the dynamics of a relationship,As keeping a check […]

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Day 72 of 90: As Long As There Is Pen And Paper

pen and paper

Day 72 of 90 – As Long As There Is Pen and Paper Today I spent some time thinking about you, Of how best I can give you a bad review. You have forced me to become your constant critic, In the hope that you’d turn away and not visit.To many lives you’ve brought only misery,Because of unawareness of […]

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Day 71 of 90:No Electricity by Amanda Jones


Day 71 of 90 – No Electricity!!! This evening we came home to no electricity!!! An unexpected twist to our family evening activity. Everyone had a plan outlined, And each one had to be redesigned. Instead of the planned movie marathon,The boys retreated to their room, and with blocks they carried on.Engel took it as a sign to get some […]

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Day 70 of 90: The Anchor Leg by Amanda Jones


Day 70 of 90 – The Anchor Leg As you may, or may not, be aware,Day 70 of the writing challenge is here.The numbers ending with a zero,Feels like a marking point of how much more to go.Seventy days ago I started this relay,Though sometimes I wished  it was a sprint, on track, I continue to […]

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Day 69 of 90: Rain Makes Us Happier


Day 69 of 90 – Rain Makes Us HappierEarlier on this 90 day goal, day 11 to be exact, I wrote about the happiness of Trinis and its impact. To festivity and food our happiness was connected, But today I discovered, to another, it could be directed. I read an interesting article on the life hack site, ‘People who enjoy […]

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