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Day 55 of 90: A Success Mindset by Amanda Jones


Day 55 of 90 – A Success MindsetMoving along this pathway to get to my 90-day goal,I realize the ride isn’t so smooth and very easily I could lose control.At various points, I see barriers that seem impenetrable,And an acute presence of obstacles that seem formidable.As with any challenge, there will be a level or […]

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Day 54 of 90:Have You felt the Christmas Spirit as yet? by Amanda Jones

Day 54 of 90 – Have You Felt The Christmas Spirit As Yet?Today I had a surprise visit,By none other than the Christmas spirit.It’s only the month of October I say,But on the radio I hear sweet parang music play.The thing that really opened the door,For the Christmas spirit to come in and explore,Was some […]

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Day 53 of 90: Sowing and Reaping by Amanda Jones

sowing and reaping

Day 53 of 90 – Sowing and ReapingOver the weekend we planted some fruit trees.It was a family activity of which I was well pleased.While engrossed in this I had thoughts of my mother,Who has that colloquial green thumb or green finger.She has that natural knack for growing plants successfully,As evidenced by crops that are […]

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Day 52 of 90: If Diabetes had a persona by Amanda Jones

diabetes persona

Day 52 of 90 – If Diabetes had a PersonaThere is so much advice and information on what to do, Yet the statistics on me keep rising whenever they search for Type 2. If they do not care to show good self care management, Then they should not mind when I decide to make a statement. I can surely […]

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Day 51 of 90: Let’s take a look at Tonsillitis by Amanda Jones


Day 51 of 90 – Let’s Take a Look at Tonsillitis – Part 2Yesterday of this poem the first part I did present,Part Two now deals with tonsillitis’ treatment.To determine whether the cause was by virus or bacteria,Doing a throat swab is a necessary criteria.Based on the results gained,The course of antibiotics, if needed, can then […]

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Day 50 of 90: Let’s take a look at Tonsillitis by Amanda Jones


Day 50 of 90 – Let’s Take a Look at TonsillitisThe word itis commonly has its meaning attached to food,That feeling of lethargy after eating which changes your mood.Today however we view it from its indication,That a specific body part is characterized by inflammation,And there is an abnormal microbe invasion and multiplication,Of parasite, bacteria or […]

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Day 49 of 90: Scrambled EggHead by Amanda Jones


Day 49 of 90 – Scrambled EggHeadLast night in our accountability group meeting,One of our members used this term to describe her feeling,‘Scrambled egg head’… Yes that is what she said.The term paints a picture of thought confusion,Just the way yolk and albumin are whisked into a union.On each other’s path, thoughts jump in and […]

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Day 48 of 90: Divali Highlights by Amanda Jones

divali highlights

Day 48 of 90 – Divali HighlightToday is the Divali holiday in Trinidad and Tobago. Divali is the Hindu Festival of Lights, if you didn’t know . In order to appreciate the light’s illumination, It is necessary to have favorable weather condition. Today however, the skies opened with a continuous downpour, Just when you thought the rain had ceased, down […]

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Day 47 of 90: Divali Safety by Amanda Jones


Day 47 of 90 – Divali SafetyDivali is being celebrated by the Hindu community tomorrow, And the memories created should be of joy and not sorrow. Apart from the bamboo bursting and the deya lighting, Fireworks display is a major part of the celebrating. Too many times, however, the celebration can turn into a tragedy, When little or no attention […]

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Day 46 of 90: Food for Thought by Amanda Jones


Day 46 of 90 – Food for ThoughtThis morning I went to the grocery with a list, But it turned out there were a few things i did miss. Obviously this would affect my projected total, Since lately prices change at regular intervals. At this point I stress the importance of having a meal plan, Otherwise grocery shopping can get […]

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