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Coach Ruthie Slingerland

 Major plus since I homeschool. My children love the book and I like the mini-chapter format. I read one section at a time to my 5 & 7 year old and 'quiz' them at the end. We do that like a game, each of them getting a turn. I confess I've even learned a few things myself! Oh, and the illustrations are adorable and engaging. Our family gives this book 5 stars.

Ruthie Slingerland  //  Life Coach 


For Your Health

the abcs of diabetes

As an elementary educator, I am always looking for resources and books I can utilize with my students. The ABCs of Diabetes for Children by Amanda Jones is written in an engaging style with colorful pictures. I love that this book is a rhyming book and it teaches about diabetes in a way that children will understand it. Amanda writes that children with diabetes can still run, skip, swim, and play..to just be a child. This book is a great educational tool for children and diabetes education plays an important part in the management of diabetes. The ABCs of Diabetes for Children is a must have for school libraries, school nurses, educators, parents, and hospitals. Thank you Amanda for your dedication and passion to encourage, empower, and educate children.



For A Friend Or

Poems For Patients- A focus on Diabetes

Learning made simple and fun...

These phenomenal poems and lavish illustrations capture the knowledge,humility, kindness, perseverance, self-discipline and love required to battle the tsunami of diabetes. Her remarkable insights into this relentless chronic disease will empower the region as we confront the scourge of obesity-related complications.Its tremendous educational impact and practical information will be welcomed by laypersons and health care professionals.

ENGEL JONES  //  Podcast Host

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