Poems by Amanda Jones

Isn't it nice to know it rhymes?
I educate, encourage & empower with lines.

Poems For Patients- A focus on Diabetes
Children It's Time To Meet Your Teeth by Amanda Jones

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This is a MUST read! As a health professional myself it is clear that Amanda has a passion for her patients' / clients' well being. They would never be the same after an encounter with her and now more so after reading her book! Mind you even health professionals would benefit from reading this book.

Betty-Ann P.
Nurse Manager

Wow! Amanda Jones has written a wonderful, easy to read book. She is very talented and writes poems that go to the heart of various medical issues. She then follows with questions and a space to write your answers. I believe this book will serve patients and their families well.

Rebecca H

The description for this book is: "A collection of poems which relate information on health disorders plus a few extra bonuses. They also 1)Help commit information to memory. 2)Educate encourage and empower. 3)Are a source of reference Please Read and Share" And it does a really good job of that. I could see this being a learning tool for Nurses studying for exams, or for patience with specific conditions or for an aging population susceptible to many of the conditions outlined in the poems.

Steven M

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